Saturday, April 23, 2016

Vermont Spring To Be Interrupted Again. More Fires, Too!

Some happy looking daffodils in my St.
Albans, Vermont yard this morning. They won't be
quite as happy with the 25 degree temperatures
forecast tonight. 
Spring in Vermont and the rest of the Northeast for that matter took a great leap forward the past couple of days.

It got into the 70s all the way to the Canadian border Thursday and most of the area was about that warm Friday.

The grass has greened up big time, more flowers are blooming and the trees are really budding.

So we will get into the full green up of late spring within like, minutes, right?

What a silly question! Of course not! This is Vermont.

Spring is to be interrupted again. Expect excruciatingly slow progress toward more greening over the next week or so as temperatures stay well below normal. With night time frosts and freezes.

And snow. Did a mention snow? Don't worry. Not much, and only in the mountains. Way up high, where not many of us live, so I guess that's OK.

Let's get into the details:


It rained a little yesterday, but that won't matter much. The fire danger will be back today. It's been with us for a couple weeks now what with the dry, cool, windy April weather we've had.

Only a little rain fell in most places in northern Vermont Friday, not enough to really soak things down. Southern Vermont and adjacent New Hampshire and the Capitol District of New York had pretty much no rain, so it's especially dry down there.

All of New Hampshire except the far north is under a red flag warning today, meaning there's quite a high danger of brush fires. No outdoor burning, please.

Vermont and eastern New York is under a special weather statement, as the National Weather Service is giving us all a dope slap for even thinking about burning our brush piles and whatnot today.

Sure, early this Saturday morning was damp and cloudy from yesterday's miserly bit of rain and cold front, but another blast of windy, very dry air from southern Canada will be here from midmorning on.


That interruption to our spring starts today, too. High temperatures will range from the upper 40s in the northern high elevations to around 60 far south. That's not horrible, but definitely cooler than average for this time of year.

Tonight will be pretty frigid for this time of year, with most of us getting into the 20s. It'll be in the icy upper teens in the cold mountain  hollows to near 30 near Lake Champlain and maybe some areas of far southern Vermont.

I think most of the early spring plants that came up will survive this, but bring in anything you brought outside to get some sun. They won't survive the night

It'll get into the 50s Sunday afternoon in most spots with sun fading behind some afternoon clouds.

Most of the upcoming week is going to be cold, really.

Another cold front is due Monday and it will stall for a time over central New England. This will bring a chilly bout of rain and showers to most areas.

The good news is the rain will focus more on the southern half of the region, which has been drier. The bad news is it will be cold, with high temperatures holding in the 40s both Monday and Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday, too.

And that snow I mentioned is still possible way up high Sunday night and again Monday night. Let's whiten those Green Mountain peaks again!

The weather will temporarily turn drier midweek, but a few more showers will come in toward Friday. By then, the temperature will warm up a bit, and only be a little cooler than normal. (Lows 28-35, highs 55-60)

I guess we'll take what we can get in this stuttering spring.

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