Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Beautiful Time Lapse of Thunderstorms

A billowing, developing thunderstorm
as viewed from South Burlington,
Vermont last summer.  
Since spring is here and summer is to follow, it's time to cloud watch.

Clouds, at least to me, are usually far more interesting in the spring and summer than in the winter.

There tends to be more showers and thunderstorms during the warmer season, and you get those big billowly towering cumulus, thunderheads and full blown thunderstorms adding interest in drama to the sky.

To get you ready for thunderstorm cloud watching season, there's a beautiful time lapse taking on a summer day last year at the bottom of this post.

In it, you see a thunderstorm to the left dying out, and to the right, a series of cumulus clouds trying, trying, trying to erupt into a thunderstorm.

The efforts repeatedly fail, until suddenly the clouds erupt into a beautiful local thunderstorm.

It doesn't last long, and the new thunderstorm begins to die, but there's a promise of another one soon.

I can just picture myself in that meadow watching the clouds all day. That will happen soon, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, here's the video:

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