Monday, April 11, 2016

Is This The Last Snow Of The Season In Vermont?

My daffodil plants once again got snowed on in St. Albans,
Vermont this morning. This might be the last time
this will happen this spring. 
As has become routine this chilly early April, I awoke this morning in St. Albans, Vermont to a dusting of snow.

Just a little under a half inch, no big deal, but it's April for crissakes.

Knock on wood, for most of us, this is the end of snow for the season. Oh, there still will probably be flurries at least through the course of the spring.  And another cold blast or two I'm sure, too.

It is Vermont, after all.

Plus, I'm sure the high elevations will get more accumulating snows here and there. In fact, above elevations of 1,500 feet or so in Vermont early Tuesday, a little more snow could pile up.

But as advertised, spring is reasserting itself, starting now.  Any snow that was still falling across far northern Vermont as dawn broke this morning will have changed to rain pretty quickly.

(It was already up to 33 degrees in St. Albans at 5:30 a.m., so that dusting of snow I got I know wouldn't stay put long.)

Rain showers will be scattered around Vermont the rest of the day as temperatures get well into the 40s or low 50s.  It won't exactly be a nice spring day, with clouds, and blustery south winds, especially in the Champlain Valley, with gusts over 30 mph there.

A good slug of rain looks to come through tonight, with most places in Vermont getting at least a half inch of precipitation.

Way up high in the Adirondacks and the northern Green Mountains, the rain could easily change to snow late tonight or early Tuesday morning,   but it'll almost certainly stay rain in the valleys.

Then, we get into what is actually a pretty typical weather pattern for April. Weather systems are going to get gummed up, blocked for awhile, so nothing will move all that much.

Lucky us, a high pressure system is what's going to get stuck near us for a few days which means generally fair skies and a warming trend Wednesday through Sunday.

There might be some clouds around Wednesday, but no big deal. Daily high temperatures will increase day by day, starting with the upper 40s Wedneday, into the 50s Thursday and Friday, some 60s Saturday and -- hope of all hope -- well into the 60s by next Sunday.

Coastal New England, though, won't be as warm. This pattern favors sea breezes and east winds there, so it will be chilly and damp right along the coast. Especially with an offshore storm stuck out there, too with this sluggish weather pattern.

But hey, it's spring. At least there's no more snowstorms in sight. We hope.

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