Saturday, April 16, 2016

Will Texas Be Terrified By More Giant Hail Over The Next Few Days? Plus, Watch More Scary Hail Videos!

This was a very nice house in Wylie, Texas
until hail turned it into something looking like a
 junk heap. (Click on the image to make it bigger
so you can really see the damage)  
Texas just can't seem to catch a break.

All winter, and so far all this spring, they've been getting repeatedly slammed by tornadoes, gigantic thunderstorms, even more gigantic hail and enormous floods.

Oh, and high winds and grass fires way up in the panhandle earlier this spring.

What's next, locusts? The plague?

Probably not. But maybe Zika, with all the mosquito-breeding water that's being left behind by all the storms.

There's been at least a couple billion dollars in weather-related damage in Texas since December.

Let's pile on  more damage!

It's happening again this weekend. Severe thunderstorms, maybe a few tornadoes, giant hail and a high risk of flash floods are in store for much of Texas this weekend and into Monday.

Lately, it's been the Dallas-Fort Worth area that has really been seeing the storms, and this outbreak will probably nail them, too.

The worst weather will likely be west of DFW today, but will spread into the metroplex tomorrow

Although the tornado and hail risk is real, I wonder if the hail bombardments will be less severe than last week's epic storms. Let's hope so.

These storms are going to have torrential rains. Some parts of Texas could get up to eight inches of rain over the next few days. Flash flooding is a real concern in much of the state, as well as good chunks of Oklahoma and Kansas.

There was already some flash floods in western Kansas early this morning

Meanwhile, a big snowstorm is going on in Colorado and Wyoming, including the Denver metro area.
Most homes in Wylie, Texas have blue tarps on their roofs
 due to hail damage and leaks. Torrential rains
and severe storms are likely in the area this weekend,
which will probably make things worse.   

But Texas looks to be, once again, the really big target for wild storms.

I still can't get over the hail last week in Texas, especially around the city of Wylie, which was completely trashed by that softball to grapefruit sized hail.

More fascinating videos of that storm have surfaced, which you can see below.

In the first one, the family had just moved into the house and hadn't even set everything up yet. Watch the hail crash through the windows, sending splinters of glass and debris throughout the interior.

You can tell the people in the video were very scared, but I probably would have been even more frightened than them.

In the next video, watch the hail and wind trash a yard, parked cars and the houses in the neighborhood. You can see windows blown out everywhere through the extreme storm:

In this next video, you can see how the incredibly strong winds that accompanied the Wylie storm made the hail destruction that much worse.

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