Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Watch Extremely Narrow Escape From Oklahoma Wildfire

A road grader operator flees as an Oklahoma
wildfire engulfs him Tuesday. He was rescued by
television station storm chasers.  
The Plains States have been getting hammered by repeated, large wildfires this spring.

They've had repeated bouts of hot, bone dry, very windy weather. The resulting fires have damaged or destroyed many homes and scorched hundreds of square miles. 

More wildfires broke out in Oklahoma yesterday. One burned through 28,000 acres in northwestern Oklahoma Tuesday.

Television station KWTV has video of storm chasers Val and Amy Castor, who were out documenting the wildfires when they encountered a road grade operator who was stuck as large flames approached him -- and quickly!

Val Castor, a veteran of many, many tornado chases and wildfire chases, said he'd never seen a wildfire move that fast.

Miraculously, after the fire passed by and firefighters doused it, the road grader was still operational.

Still, the guy in the road grader would have been burned to death had he not gotten out with the help of the Castors, as you see in the video below:

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