Monday, April 18, 2016

Hard Core Spring Arrives In Vermont

This cute little fella got the honor of being the first
daffodil to bloom this season in my gardens in
St. Albans, Vermont. Nice spring weather this
weekend helped with the blooming. 
I hope you enjoyed the past weekend if you live in Vermont and surrounding states, because you really can't get anything better than that in April.

Sunshine, low humidity, warm temperatures.....Ahhh.

We could use some rain, as I noticed as I prepped my gardens over the weekend that the moisture content is a little low for this time of year.

Plus, the brush is dry, and we could get fires going. There were a few over the weekend.

For those like me who want the rain, some is actually coming, especially in northern areas. It'll cloud up today, with a rising chance of showers this afternoon.

Usually the type of cold front that's coming our way drops little or no rain, but a little storm system is going to form along the front and zip through or near northern New York, Vermont and New Hampshire tonight.

It won't drop much rain, maybe a quarter to a half inch, with a little less  than that in the Champlain Valley. But still, it will give a boost to the spring greening process out there.

Behind the cold front Tuesday and Wednesday, it's going to be kinda chilly for this time of year. Nothing extreme for April, but cooler than the weekend was.

Look for highs in the 45 to 55 range Tuesday and Wednesday, with the cooler weather in the higher elevations to the north..

Tuesday night will be a bit frosty, but again, nothing wild for Vermont.

After a warmer day Thursday, it looks like we'll get a little more rain Friday. Early indications are another Canadian high pressure area will come in next weekend for more cool, mostly dry weather.

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