Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Softball Sized Hail And Storms Cause Incredibe Damage And Scary Scenes In Texas.

A man holds a gigantic hailstone
that fell on Wylie, Texas Monday.
Photo via Twitter, @heelsandracing. 
An incredible hailstorm hit parts of Texas Monday, dumping softball sized hail on several populated areas.

A few Texas neighborhoods got pummeled by hail the size of grapefruits, which is beyond the pale.

As you can imagine, there was a LOT of damage and some injuries.  Watch the very dramatic, terrifying videos of the storm at the bottom of this post.

The hail was so big that it nearly destroyed some houses. Not only did many windows break, but the hail was big and powerful enough to crash through home roofs.

Once the roofs were breached, the heavy rain accompanying the hail soaked the interior of many homes, television station KDFW reports. 

The hardest hit community was the city of Wylie, Texas, population about 44,000 where  most homes and buildings were damaged by hail.

The city's public works center and schools are closed today due to hail damage, says KDFW.

Emergency rooms in the area were busy with people who'd been cut by flying glass as hail crashed through home windows, or who were caught in cars that were pummeled.

Windows were blown out of these homes in Wylie, Texas
from softball sized hail. Click on the image to
make it bigger and easier to see.  
Damage will be as expensive as a big tornado for sure.

While few if any homes were completely destroyed as in a large twister, the large, damaging hail hit a much larger area than a tornado would.

Since these are busy, populated Dallas suburbs, many thousands of homes, businesses and cars will need expensive, extensive repairs.

This is the third, and the worst destructive hail storm to hit North Texas in the past month. Two March hail storms caused $1 billion, with a "B" dollars in damage.

Click on this link to see hail smashing through glass in this home. Unbelievable!

Here's some more videos out of the Wylie, Texas area Monday:

More from Wylie, Texas:

Coming through the windows in Wylie, Texas:

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