Monday, April 25, 2016

Oh Boy! More Snow Due In Vermont! Aren't You Thrilled

My shivering daffodils earlier this month in St. Albans, Vermont
Most of them survived that cold  wave and snow,
but they might be hit by a bit more snow Tuesday
morning, and another good strong freeze Wednesday morning. 
We've entered the final week of April, so you'd think we'd just sit back here in Vermont and watch things keep greening up under the warm spring sunshine.

It's never that easy. You should know that.

I might as well just state it plainly:

It's going to snow in Vermont again tonight and tomorrow.

Don't hit me please!

It will only snow a little. Not a blizzard. They won't close the schools. No need to go panic shopping for bread and milk at Price Chopper.

But sizable chunks of Vermont are going to get a little snow.

We've fallen into an on again off again, but mostly on weather pattern where chilly high pressure systems set up to our north, feeding chilly, air down from Canada.

A warm front is going to try to make a run at us from the south later today and tonight. It won't make it through here, because that cold high pressure system to the north is holding strong.

The cold air feeding into the precipitation associated with the warm will change rain to snow in many areas, especially in mid and high elevations late tonight.

Many locations in central and southern Vermont are due for a trace to two inches of snow out of this situation. The snow will mostly fall between midnight tonight and noon Tuesday.

The far north of Vermont won't get much of any precipitation, because the cold air feeding in is dry, and will evaporate much of the precipitation that will try to fall.

Still, even there, there could be a thin coating of snow on the ground in some areas

The weather will remain chilly the rest of the week. Temperatures Tuesday afternoon will struggle only into the 40s, with some mid elevation towns in the southern half of Vermont staying in the upper 30s due to a lack of sun. (A little afternoon sun will come out north.)

Another hard freeze is coming Tuesday night, with 20s statewide, and a few upper teens in the cold spots.

Despite sun on Wednesday, many locations in Vermont will stay below 50, with another freeze Wednesday night.

It will sorta, kinda warm up later in the week with afternoon readings in the upper 50s. That's still a bit below normal. High temperatures in most of Vermont this time of year should be in the low 60s.

We'll get there, eventually. .

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