Friday, April 15, 2016

See What Hail Did To This Roof

The other day I told you about that awful hail storm in Texas, which included hail the size of grapefruit in spots.

The pic in this post shows the view from inside a Wylie, Texas home attic after the storm ended and the sun came out.

(Click on the image to make it bigger and easier to see.)

You can see the many holes blasted through the roof by the hail.

You can imagine the rest of the damage done to this house. Between the holes in the roof and the windows shattered by the hailstones, no doubt plenty of rainwater gushed into this house, too.

Not to mention LOTS of other houses. In addition to this kind of damage, theres a lot of destruction from water, too.

You can see why bad hailstorms, when they hit populated areas like they've been doing in Texas recently, can cause a billion dollars in damage or more.

By the way, a day after the Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs were pummeled by this huge hail, another very destructive hail storm hit the San Antonio area. Among other things, that hailstorm in San Antonio totaled a bunch of new cars at a BMW dealership.

The area around Wylie and Denton, Texas had a destructive hailstorm in March. Some people had already had roofs replaced and cars repaired from that storm, only to have them destroyed again this week, as the Dallas Morning News reports

I hate to think about how the insurance premiums are going to go up around there.

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