Friday, April 29, 2016

Snow Be Gone: Satellite Shows Aftermath Of Vermont Spring Snow

A visible satellite photo taken Wednesday morning clearly
shows a stripe of snow on the ground through the Adirondacks,
central Vermont and New Hampshire. 
I was chilly working in a client's South Burlington, Vermont garden yesterday as a rather harsh late April cold snap continues.

While I worked, patches of snow lingered in the shade, a full two days after a two inch snowfall hit the area.

Much of Vermont got one to four inches of late season snow Tuesday.

Temperatures did get into the upper 40s the past couple of days, but the air was dry. When it's that dry, snow doesn't melt readily in areas that are shaded.

Besides, it should actually be in the low 60s this time of year. That snow should have melted much sooner, had things been normal.

Heck, it shouldn't have even snowed, but that's Vermont for you.

The National Weather Service in South Burlington shared a really cool satellite photo taken Wednesday morning over Vermont.

It's in this post. Click on it and make it bigger and easier to see.

To orient yourself, you can find Lake Champlain as the dark blue blotch near the upper center of the photograph.

You can clearly see the stripe of snow Tuesday's storm set down from the Adirondacks, through central Vermont and into New Hampshire.

By the time the photo was taken, the northern and southern edges of the snow cover had melted. In far northern Vermont, less snow fell, so it melted sooner. The more south you went, the snow mixed with rain, and further south, was just rain.

You also see the whiteness isn't as brilliant in the Champlain Valley as it is in the higher elevations of central Vermont and the Adirondacks of New York.

Less snow fell in the valley, and it was a little warmer there, so more of it was gone by the time the satellite snapped the photo Wednesday morning.

The satellite photo, though, really has a clear footprint of that snow, doesn't it?

It was another cold morning today, but some moderation in temperature is coming to Vermont Starting today.

Temperatures will rise into the 50s today and maybe touch 60 in a few spots Saturday. There's another freeze coming tonight, but we're used to that now.

Readings will be only slightly cooler than normal going into next week, so I guess that's an improvement over what we had this week.

Off and on precipitation is due much of next week, but this time, it will come all in the form of rain.

That won't create any more really cool visible satellite photos of Vermont, but that's surely OK by me!

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