Monday, April 4, 2016

Winter And Spring Blatantly Battle It Out On New England Lawn

Two seasons in one in a Massachusetts yard Sunday. Via
Twitter, @CoreyPez  
Pretty interesting photo from southern New England yesterday in this post.

Click on the photo to make it bigger and easier to see.

As we've mentioned, some bursts of heavy snow blustered through southern New England Sunday morning.

Then the sun came out, but of course it stayed pretty cold amid a strong Arctic outbreak affecting the region,

However, the April sun is strong, and melted the snow where the rays hit. In somewhat shadier areas, the snow stuck for a little while longer.

The result was the two seasons in one photo I found from Cory Pesaturo,  @CoreyPez via Twitter.

As far as I can tell, the photo is un-retouched. On the left side, it's spring, with green grass, budding trees and what appears to be a freshly mulched flower bed.

On the shadier right side of the photo, it was deep in winter.

The photo is proof that April can truly have a split personality.

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