Friday, April 22, 2016

Uruguay Tornado Hits Store; Watch This Incredible Surveillance Video

Shoppers and employees of a Dolores Uruguay
shoe store look out at windows at an approaching large
tornadoe. Seconds later, they fled to a back room
as wind and debris swept through the store.v
Last week, a terrible tornado struck Uruguay, killing four people and trashing much of the city of Dolores.

I'm always particularly fascinated by surveillance videos of these things, and one of them, taken in a Dolores shoe store on a busy street corner, is one of the most riveting.

In it, you first see store employees and shoppers looking out the window in fascination and worry as they apparently see the tornado approaching.

As the wind picks up, one by one, they flee the large glass windows in front of the store, probably for a more sheltered back room.

These people apparently with the well-placed notion the windows are about to shatter.

As things start to get really bad, you see a car turn the street corner outside. I imagine whoever was in that car was terrified.

Then we see lots of debris blowing past outside, and also blowing into the store as windows and fixtures cave in.

Here's the video:

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