Thursday, March 17, 2016

Almost Every Possible Type Of Weather Happening In New England

Gorgeous, mild springlike morning today as
viewed from my weather deck in. St. Albans,
Vermont. Expect big changes today, though.  
That old saw, "If you don't like the weather in Vermont (or New England) wait a minute, it will change," has never been truer than now.

After an extremely changeable weather day Thursday, except the weather switcheroos to keep coming  even faster and more furiously today. And to a certain extent, the next few days.

To review yesterday, during the early afternoon, it was a springlike 60 degrees in much of Vermont under sunny skies, but a chilly north breeze, a temperature inversion and the cold waters of Lake Champlain kept the Champlain Valley foggy and chilly until early afternoon.

Drive a few miles and the weather will change, I guess.

Then the whole area got sunny and pleasant. Then, abruptly, last evening it turned to rain and a few rumbles of thunder.

Early this Thursday morning, depending on where you were, it was either sunny and mild, or you were mired in dense fog.

If you're out of breath from all these changes, you're out of luck. Today is going to be all over the place.


As mentioned yesterday, a very cold pool of air aloft will contrast with lingering mild air here in the valleys.

Showers and a few scattered thunderstorms will bubble up by this afternoon in Vermont and the rest of New England. Regionwide, some of the showers and storms could get quite rambunctious, with briefly strong, gusty winds and small hail in a few spots.

In fact, NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has New Hampshire, southwestern Maine and northern Massachusetts under a marginal risk for severe thunderstorms today 

It will be all over the place this afternoon. One minute will be sunny, the next stormy. Winds will randomly gust as high as 40 mph at times.  The sun, when it's out, might feel warm and springlike. Next minute, it'll be chilly near one of those gusty showers. Dress for anything today, I guess.


The changes keep coming. Tonight, a sharp cold front comes through with a package of snow showers for northern New England late tonight and Friday morning

Expect some slick conditions on the roads for your morning commute.

Then, we get typical midwinter weather Friday afternoon and Saturday, with temperatures remaining below freezing across the North Country continuously, with lows Friday night in the upper single numbers and teens. Brrr!! Especially in contrast to the mild weather we've had for the past couple of weeks.

Sunday stays pretty cold and dry, then, watch out, maybe:


I wish I could pin down the fate of that nor'easter than some are predicting for Sunday night and Monday in New England, but I just can't.

The computer models still aren't helping. Some take the nor'easter almost completely out to sea and pretty much leaving New England alone. Others clobber the southeastern part of the region, but don't affect the northwest too badly at all.  Still other forecasting tools say all of New England and eastern New York will get clobbered by a late season snowstorm.

So, we'll have to keep waiting and seeing. Just figure that the more south and east you go on Monday in New England the greater the chance you'll see a winter storm. That's all I can tell ya right now.

If we do get a snowstorm, take heart, people who want spring. Snow tends to melt very, very quickly after a storm this time of year.

After Monday's possible storm,  the weather still looks like it will be unpredictable and active next week. Hang on to your  hat!

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