Thursday, March 3, 2016

FedEx Worker Somehow Survives Tornado As Building Blows Apart Around Her

Kyra Johnson at the wreckage of the
Louisiana hardware store where she
tried to seek refuge in a tornado. She
was trapped outside, behind a soda machine,
but wasn't seriously hurt. Hardware store
owner David Sagora gave her the
shirt she is holding. Add caption 
Back on February 23,  when tornadoes were slicing through Louisiana, among other states, FedEx driver Kyra Johnson found herself confronting an EF3 tornado in Paincourtville, Louisiana.

She tried running into a nearby hardware store, but it was closed, it's doors locked. With no time for a Plan B as the tornado approached, she ducked behind a soda machine in front of the store and hoped for the best.

The surveillance video, as you see below, shows the store disintegrating in the tornado.

The video opens with Johnson trying the locked door, the  scrambling behind the vending machine. Clips that follow show other parts of the store getting demolished in the storm.

The videos were all from surveillance cameras around the store.

Remarkably, she only suffered minor injuries, even though the vending machine tipped over and large debris swirled around her.

She's lucky to be alive. Most people caught outdoors in an EF3 tornado with winds of 135 mph usually die because they are struck by debris.

Here's the scary video, but turn down the sound if you don't want the obnoxious music that accompanies it

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