Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tornadoes, Some Expected, Some Not.

The tornado that was pretty much unexpected
sweeps across an Ohio field Monday.  
As is often the case as we approach spring, there's been a few tornadoes over the past couple of days in the nation.

There were a few in Arkansas Sunday, and these were remarkably well forecasted. As many as two days before they touched down, forecasts focused right on Arkansas as ground zero for the risk of severe storms.

And that's where almost all of the severe weather occurred. You can see a very eerily lit, striking tornado in Arkansas Sunday at the bottom of this post.

Today, at least one tornado touched down in Ohio. While meteorologists issued a timely warning when it became apparent there was strong rotation indicating a tornado, twisters were considered to be highly unlikely at most in Ohio today.

Sure, forecasters knew there would probably be thunderstorms in Ohio today, tornadoes seemed almost completely out of the realm of possibility.

But there you go. Just because tornadoes are unlikely in any given place when there's thunderstorms, they're not impossible. Scientists know a lot about how tornadoes form, why they form and when they form.

However, they don't know everything about what leads to tornadoes. Ohio today was your proof.

By the way, there's a possibility of a tornado or two today in far eastern Iowa, northern Illinois and perhaps far southern Wisconsin.

You'll see a video of the Ohio tornado, below the video of the Arkansas twister. It was filmed near Star City, Arkanas by Live Storms Media:

Next, we have a fairly close range of the narrow EF1 tornado in Ohio that damaged at least one house and several other buildings. Here it dances ominously and seductively across a field:

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