Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Scary, Fiery Afternoon In North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas

A huge wildfire burns in southern Kansas Wednesday.
Photo by Shardaa Gray/WSN  
The warnings came true.

Amid incredibly dry, windy conditions, destructive fires broke out in north Texas and other areas of the southern Plains Wednesday.

Television station KFDA in Amarillo said at least two homes were destroyed by fire in Randall County, Texas.

Parts of the northeastern sections of Amarillo were evacuated due to a wildfire, but people were allowed to return home.

The worst by late afternoon seemed to be around Pampa, where the city's hospital, some hotels, a Wal-Mart and several businesses were evacuated as a precaution.

Parts of Interstate 40 and other highways were also closed in the area due to the fires, KFDA reported.

Television station KFOR in Oklahoma City reported several wildfires burning across Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, television station KSN in Wichita, Kansas said a huge wildfire burned through 75 square miles along the Oklahoma/Kansas border.

Drier, cooler, more humid weather is expected Thursday in the region, which will reduce the fire risk then.

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