Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hey Vermonters! Enjoy Your First Spring Weekend!

With weather like this, we'll start seeing stuff
like this in Vermont soon enough.  
March in Vermont is known for its mud, changeable, often ugly weather, dampness, clouds and yuckiness.

Not this weekend.

We Vermonters are going to enjoy our first truly springlike weekend of the season.  A little earlier than average, but we'll take it.

It kind of fits anyway. We move our clocks forward tonight to start Daylight Saving Time, which is a quintessential rite of spring.

Today, Saturday, will probably be the better of the two days, but you won't complain about Sunday, either.

Under mostly sunny skies, temperatures will rise quickly from this morning's frostiness to highs in the 50s to low 60s, which might flirt with a few record highs.

It might be a bit breezy, especially in the Champlain Valley, and a few clouds will probably come in this afternoon, but it will be delightful. Especially for March.

A cold front will come down from Canada and pass through Vermont tonight and Sunday morning, but don't worry, this cold front is a wimp. Nothing Arctic about this one.

It will be cooler Sunday, with highs ranging from the mid 40s north to mid 50s south. That's still a lot warmer than normal for this time of year. There will be a fair amount of sun to help, too. The wind will come out of the north, but it will be a light breeze, nothing fancy.

So you'll want to get out and enjoy.

However, it is March, so expect the weather to deteriorate by Monday, with a slug of light to moderate rain coming through.  There's a good chance it will be mixed with snow and sleet in the morning, especially north and in the mountains.

Temperatures will continue warmer than normal all next week, though there will be periodic chances of showers.

But as nice as this spring weather is be forewarned: It's only mid-March, and there's always the chance of one or two more Arctic blasts, or a snowstorm or two before spring truly gets here.

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