Saturday, March 26, 2016

Second Destructive Hail Storm In Week Trashed Texas Few Days Ago

Hail crashed through windows
of this house in Plano, Texas, via
@jules_baby28 on Twitter.
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bigger and easier to see.  
Texas is having a hell of a time with hail.

As noted a few posts ago, the Fort Worth area really got hammered by hail about a week ago.

Another hailstorm struck parts of northern Texas, again around the Dallas-Fort Worth area Wednesday night.

This second storm Wednesday night might have been at least as bad as the earlier one.

Insurance Journal said the March 16-17 Texas hailstorm caused an estimated $600 million in insured losses, and Wednesday's storm, which focused especially on Plano and Wylie, probably caused similar losses, or worse.

Countless cars, houses, apartment buildings and businesses lost windows as the hail smashed through the glass during the storms.

A Walmart Supercenter in Wylie, Texas is closed for awhile as workers repair at least 30 skylights trashed by the hail on the roof of the immense store, says television station WFAA.

Tornadoes get most of the attention during the nation's spring storm season but destructive hail is much more common and widespread. Supercell thunderstorms don't always produce tornadoes and if they do, they're often weak.

Cars damaged by hail Wednesday in Plano, Texas
Photo by David Woo/Dallas Morning News  
However, these supercells very often produce large, damaging hail.

According to the National Storm Damage Center, hail on average causes at least $1 billion in damage in the United States yearly. Some years - and with all the destruction in Texas -- are far worse than that $1 billion.

A single April, 2001 hail storm around Kansas City, Missouri caused about $2 billion in damage.

The spring storm season is young, so we're surely going to hear more reports of terrible hail before the year is over.

Here's a frightening security camera video of Wednesday's hail in Richardson, Texas. Bet you're glad you weren't out in this:

Here's another security camera view of Wednesday night's hail chaos in Dallas:

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