Monday, March 14, 2016

Brief Winter Intrusion Today In N. New England

A very nice sunrise this morning at my house in St. Albans,
Vermont, but the rest of the day's weather won't be so sweet
After a delightful springlike weekend in Vermont and the rest of New England, it's back to work Monday, and time for a brief visit with winter again.

Then it's back to spring for awhile. But bigger wintry trouble might be brewing for next Sunday and Monday. More on that in a minute.
Oh, today won't be that bad.  Just kind of icky.
Many of us in Vermont and the rest of New England enjoyed a beautiful sunrise as the storm's clouds were just beginning to arrive at dawn.

But, as the day goes on, it will go from pleasant to kinda "Ugh."

A fairly weak to middling storm is coming through today and tonight, and there's enough cool air now in place so that there will probably be some mixed precipitation.

Most places will see some sleet and maybe a little snow mix with a cold rain today and tonight. The places most likely to see some snow and ice are the Adirondacks, and even more so in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, northern New Hampshire and northwestern Maine.

There, winter weather advisories are up for this afternoon and tonight.

After that, it's back to spring for awhile. It will be another unusually warm week (though we won't hit 70 again)

Highs will be in the 50s Tuesday through Thursday across Vermont. It'll be kind of unsettled, with periods of sun, a fair amount of clouds and periodic chances of showers.

It'll cool down to more seasonable weather Friday and Saturday.

Signs point to a possible strong storm system coming through the Northeast Sunday and/or Monday.

If the storm passes just to the south and east of Vermont, which is definitely possible, this could form into a snowstorm. Even if it goes more to the north and west, there could still be a decent period of snow just as the storm passes by.

It also looks like it would get windy and cold by Monday.

As you can tell, details are still hazy on this one, because the path and strength of the Sunday storm are still up in the air. It's something to keep an eye on.

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  1. The snowstorm on the models looks remarkably similar to the other six or eight big snowstorms that showed up on the weather models but all turned out to be mostly or all rain. So I won't say I'm expecting much.