Sunday, March 6, 2016

Vermont's Hardcore Winter (Such As It Was) Done As Of Today

Scenes like this aren't far off in Vermont. With
warm weather expected this week, we'll
definitely start our journey toward flower season.
I know we're just getting over the winter that really wasn't here in Vermont, but if you're sick of winter, I've got good news.

Real winter is over as of today.

Oh sure, we'll probably still have a couple wintry cold snaps and a few snowfalls between now and May, but any extended frigid spells or long bouts of heavy snow are done.

If we do get any big snowstorms later this month or in April, they'll start to melt pretty quickly as soon as the flakes stop flying.

I'm marking today as the end of winter because most places in Vermont will get above freezing today after a few days of wintry weather. Today marks the start of a big warmup that'll send temperatures well into the 50s or maybe near 60 by Wednesday.

There might be a few snow showers in northern Vermont Monday morning as a warm front cruises by, but those will be light, and change to light rain showers by afternoon.

A cold front passing through Vermont Thursday will temporarily end the real warmth from Wednesday, but at this point I see no signs of any super cold air coming in to the Green Mountain State over the next couple of weeks.

Which means we'll probably bounce between near normal and warmer than normal weather for the next couple of weeks, which is nice.

That cold front Thursday is part of a large storm system that will bring severe weather and extensive flooding to the South this week. However, up here, it will be much less consequential. We'll get some rain out of it, but nothing heavy, and no damaging or scary weather is expected in Vermont from that particular system.

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