Thursday, March 24, 2016

Snow Then Freezing Rain: Icky "Spring" Day And Night in Vermont

Web cam along Interstate 89 in Georgia, Vermont shows light
snow, some sticking to the road, at about 8:15 a.m this
morning. Careful on the roads!  
Quick update on the wintry spring weather today.

Light snow has broken out across much of northern Vermont. It's very light, but the temperature has fallen below freezing, even in places where it was still a little above freezing before dawn.

That means there will be slick spots on roads this morning.

As expected, the snow will pick up in intensity later this morning, just as it's going over to sleet, freezing rain and rain. All in all an ugly day in Vermont.

Even with the thick cloud cover, the sun angle is much higher in the sky than it is in midwinter, so some of the sun's warmth can penetrate the clouds a bit. That means roads and sidewalks won't be as icy as they normally would on a day with mixed precipitation in the winter.

Still watch out, though.

Nighttime is a different story, though, since there's no sun. Along and east of the Green Mountains, it will stay at or below freezing much of tonight.  Although the precipitation might taper off for a time later this afternoon and evening, it will pick up again overnight.

Plus, there will be no sun to warm pavement, so ice will form just about anywhere.

That means there will be some ice gathering on roads, driveways and sidewalks, so you'll want to be careful.  A freezing rain advisory is in effect for all of the northern three quarters of Vermont except the immediate Champlain Valley and Rutland County from this evening until early Friday morning.

It doesn't seem as if there will be enough ice accumulation to bring down trees and power lines, so that's a good thing.

It should be just above freezing all night in the Champlain Valley, so just a cold rain is likely there.

Temperatures should warm up early Friday morning across the state, ending the ice threat. Rain will end during the day Friday, setting us up for a pretty nice Easter weekend.

There will be a fair amount of sun, with near normal highs in the 40s Saturday, and somewhat above normal highs in the 50s Sunday.

More rain looks like it wants to return Monday.

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