Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wet Summer In Vermont, Yes, But Not the Wettest

Yep, it was indeed a wet summer in much of Vermont, but it wasn't the wettest.

A relatively dry August helped keep the water from completely driving us nuts

In Burlington, 17.42 inches of rain fell between June 1 and August 31, the period for climatology purposes is considered summer.

That's 5.66 inches above normal and good enough for the summer of 2013 becoming the sixth wettest summer on record.

As you might remember, we had repeated big flash floods amid endless downpours in June and the first part of July.

Things definitely settled down after that. Just over three inches of rain fell on Burlington in August, which is meant it was 0.87 inches on the dry side.

As you can see on the the map in this post the National Weather Service in South Burlington, rainfall was highly variable in Vermont during the summer, which is often the case.  (Click on the image so you can make it bigger and easier to read)

In the northern Green Mountains, some places got a whopping 22 inches or more of rain in the summer. Soggy, indeed!

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