Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So, So Easy To Find Today's Cold Front

Talk about easy!
Hmm, now just where is that cold front?
Yep, right there.  

Any bozo could figure out where the cold front was today, the one that promised to bring a crisp fall day to the Northeast on Thursday and frost to some of the colder mountain valleys Thursday night.

The National Weather Service in South Burlington, Vermont released a satellite image of the Northeast, takem this afternoon.

You can click on the image to make it bigger and even more easy to read.

Finding the cold front is no difficult, Where's Waldo task, is it?

Often, in the summer, it's hard to find weak little fronts and disturbances that would influence our weather, unless you know how and where to look.  Since these summer weather features are so hard to discern sometimes, you get an inaccurate forecast every once in awhile.

As we transition to fall, weather systems tend to become more obvious.  And easier to track, too.  As we get more toward winter, the weather systems remain obvious, but grow bigger and more complex. So cold season forecasts aren't always easy, either.

No wonder forecasters pretty much nailed the timing and strength of today's cold front. It was practically shouting out its position.

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