Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Japan Tornado Trashes Tokyo Suburb: Watch The Video

Today's "weather porn," a video or image of some extreme weather to get you excited, takes to the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan, where a tornado trashed a neighborhood.
Damage from tornado near Tokyo this week. 

Reportedly, one person died and several were injured. And as you can see from the video, there was a lot of damage.

Japan averages about 20 tornadoes a year, so this twister isn't unheard of.

When a tornado hits Japan, there's a greater chance of damage or injuries there than in the United States. Japan is densely populated, so if a tornado forms, it will probably hit somebody's house or building.

Many tornadoes in the United States spin harmlessly across open country, which we still have a lot of.  Those tornadoes are the ones we don't hear about, because who cares if a twister  causes no damage?

Here's the video of this week's Japan tornado: Interesting how the building doesn't seem to be badly damaged until you see the blown out windows with the debris shooting out of them.

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