Saturday, September 7, 2013

Windy Weather Another Sign Of Fall And Winter

It's a bit breezy outside my house in St. Albans, Vermont this morning. Tomorrow, after another cold front goes through, winds are forecast to gust to 30 mph or a little more.
A kite surfer on Lake Champlain in the autumn
of 2011. The end of summer means more wind.  

This breeziness is another sign that summer is over, in case you needed it. In the summer, weather systems tend to be weak and slow moving. So you don't get a lot of wind. 

The exception is when you get a severe thunderstorm, when the wind really, really blows. But that never lasts more than a half hour.

When the seasons turn toward winter, the overall weather systems get bigger and stronger. That means more windy days. 

That approaching cold front, and the storm in Canada it's attached to, are somewhat stronger than a system you'd get in the summer, so of course it will be rather breezy in the Northeastern United States tomorrow. 

Hang on to your hat. Between now and the spring, expect plenty of days when the winds gust over 30 mph. I can already feel the winter wind chill with this. 

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