Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's All Relative: "Record Warm" Month at South Pole: 64 Below

Here in the northeastern United States, a cold front is knocking at our door, promising a spell of cool autumnal weather. No record high temperatures for us for awhile.
Amumdsen-Scott South Pole Station
sweated through its hottest August on record,
at 64 below zero  

I'm sure the researchers at the South Pole sometimes pine for the warmth of our "cool" spells, even when they are experiencing record heat.

Climate historian Christopher Burt says the South Pole experienced their "hottest" August, with an average temperature of 63.9 below zero. That's right, below zero.  Still, that was more than 11 degrees above normal, and good enough for a record balmy August.

Of course, August is winter down there, so you can't expect it to get too warm.

Still, I doubt the people at the South Pole got their beachwear out on August 6, the warmest day of the month down there when the temperture soared to 37 below.

It all makes me feel like I shouldn't complain in the winter when the temperature sinks to 20 below, no?

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