Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vermont Weather Like A Moody Teenager

The weather this weekend in Vermont and surrounding areas is behaving like a bored teenager. The teenager might be listening to One Direction, but is certainly not motivated to move one way or the other.
A towering shower cloud boils
up through the hazy, humid air  Friday
evening northwest of St. Albans, Vermont  

The same with the weather. We're caught in that sticky airmass just sitting here, not being much use at all. (Kind of like our teenager sometimes behavies)

There's subtle wind shifts, boundaries, patches of sun, patches of clouds that could trigger showers or thunderstorms at any time, but nothing striking or definitive to help forecasters tell us what will happen and when.

The result has been a guessing game of when and where any showers or storms will form. And if they do form, how heavy will they get?  Whatever forms isn't moving very fast, so a few spots could get minor flooding.

But where? There's a subtle stationary front over northern Vermont. Will it move a bit north? Or a bit south? Will other dynamics come into play to encourage more showers and storms?

It's anybody's guess, but the consensus is there's a lesser chance of rain Sunday as a patch of somewhat drier air moves in aloft. But not down here. It will still be humid as heck.

It's hard to rely on weather forecasts in this type of weather situation. To be on the safe side between now and say, noon Monday, go ahead with your outdoor plans but be ready to move inside at the drop of a hat because a random downpour, shower or thunder bumper could arrive at any time.

Like most teenagers, the weather will eventualy get motivated and moving again. A cold front is still expected to come in Monday or Monday night with a more definite batch of showers and storms. Then it will turn cooler and more invigorating by the end of the week.

Just like our teenager when she comes out of her funk.

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