Monday, September 2, 2013

More On That Scary Taiwanese Boulder That Almost Squashed Motorists Like Bugs

All the news stations have been playing a snippet of that video from Taiwan of a landslide smacking into a car on a hilly road, followed immediately by an enormous, almost house-sized boulder that stopped just short of crushing the car, and its occupants like a bodybuilding brute smushing an empty can of Bud Light.
The now-famous Taiwanese boulder just
missing a car the other day  . 

Heavy rains from a typhoon triggered the landslide.

Here, I have a somewhat longer version of the video, which I like much better because it tells the whole story. You see in the video the landslide appearing on the left side of the video. Then all hell breaks loose, like you've seen on the news.

Then, comfortingly, you see the people getting out of the car that was hit by the boulder.

I only have two questions: How the heck did the eventually get the boulder off the road. And why is there a McDonald's right nearby. Gawd, there's one everywhere, huh?

Here's the wild video:

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