Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Playing Pick Up Sticks After Last Night's Storm

Well, that was a fun batch of thunderstorms that swept across pretty much all of Vermont, along with most of upstate New York last evening.
 "Damage" in St. Albans from Monday's thunderstorm.
A twig landed on my deck.  

In Vermont, at least, the storms were dramatic enough but not terribly damaging. There were no reports this morning of trees down, structural damage, etc., although there were a few branches down, and maybe a few fallen trees that went unreported. But nothing huge, though.

It was the perfect storm: Fun to watch, but not destructive.

I'll be picking up quite a few small branches and twigs from my lawn in St. Albans, Vermont today, but my trees are intact, despite some pretty good wind gusts during the storm. I'd guess the peak wind was maybe 40 to 45 mph.

We're done with the thunderstorms for quite a while. Although there's always a chance we might get one or two more substantial thunderstorm outbreaks this year, we're really getting past the point where thunder and lightning is common in Vermont.

The storms thrive on very warm, very humid weather, and the chances of that are down big time.

You can feel that change his morning. That spell of oppressive weather in the Northeast has been flushed out by a Canadian cold front. The air is much more refreshing.

Temperatures are down to about normal, for now. A second cold front due Wednesday night will give us our first truely fall-like air of the season late in the week. Yes, I know I've been advertisting this for days now, but at least the forecast is consistent, right?

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