Monday, September 16, 2013

The Fall Routine In Vermont: Cover Those Plants Again

The chilliest air of the young fall season is arriving in Vermont this Monday morning.
National Weather Service in South Burlington, Vermont
is predicting these low tempeatures tonight.
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and more readable. 

In northern parts of the state, temperatures have slipped under 50 degrees, there's a nasty north wind, and it's drizzling and damp. Yuck! But you start to get that as we head off toward October, then winter.

The chilly day is setting the stage for frosts and freezes tonight. The sky will start to clear this afternoon, though temperatures in most towns in northern Vermont,  upstate New York and northern New Hampshire won't get out of the 50s.

As skies continue clearing tonight, temperatures will drop to their lowest levels yet this fall. (And yes, I know astronomical autumn hasn't started yet, but it's fall, really)

Most places in Vermont will get a frost or even a freeze tonight. The exception is areas close to Lake Champlain, where the relatively warm water will keep the air temperature up enough to avoid a frost.

So, cover up the plants that you want to survive beyond tonight, or bring them indoors.

A warming trend will set in at midweek, to give us a reprieve from the oncoming colder weather later this season.

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