Thursday, September 19, 2013

Colorado Flood: Poignant Piano Solo After Flood Rips Through Home

Buzzfeed had two videos from the flood zone in Colorado that, when taken together, offer one of the most poignant takes on the huge disaster.
Mark Changaris plays "Mad World" on the piano
in his flood-destroyed Boulder, Colorado home.  

The two videos are in this post. The first video shows water and mud roaring through the home's interior during the height of the flood, basically destroying the structure.

The second video shows one of the people who lived in the house, Mark Changaris, playing a subdued version of "Mad World" by Tears For Fears on the piano amid the wreckage of his living room after the water receded.

"I guess in some sense I was saying goodbye. In another sense, it felt good to play, to just be in the moment and let the rest of the craziness drop off. It also helped make me feel more normal, that in the face of something so outwardly bizarre, something old and familiar could warm up the place," Changaris said, according to NPR.

For maximum effect, hit "Play" on both videos simultaneously. (Turn down the volume on the flood video and turn up the sound on the piano video) You'll get the flood, and the sad piano music accompanying the disaster.

Here are the videos:

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