Saturday, September 14, 2013

So Where The Hell Is the #&%$!! Nice Saturday We Promised?

I think over the past few days I had forecasted it would be, ahem, a very nice Saturday in Vermont today.
Overcast and drizzly over St. Albans Saturday.
Where did the expected sunshine go?  

If you consider overcast, chilly and occasionally drizzly conditions gorgeous, today is your day!

But I bet most of you were expecting something a little sunnier and pleasant.

The storm  that swept a cold front through the Northeast Thursday night ended up surprising us.

The system, instead of continuing on northeastward into Canada like a good little storm,  decided to linger closer to New England for a day or two.

At least whatever rain is falling is mostly light in Vermont. The exception is the far northeastern corner of the state, where the precipitation during Saturday morning was pretty drenching.

It was even worse in far northern New Hampshire, where rain poured down to the tune of three inches or more Friday night and Saturday morning, prompting some flash flood warnings around Dixville Notch.

I'm afraid we're stuck under the clouds. It's not going to get that much better the rest of the day in Vermont, although some sunny breaks might get going. Especially the more west you go.

Supposedly, and I'm sticking to this, Sunday will be a sunnier day. Maybe not 100 blue skies, but something pretty nice. It  had better happen, or I'll pull out what little hair I have left.

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