Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OK, It's Not As Nice In Vermont This Week As I Told You It Would Be

Remember how I waxed poetic the other day about how gorgeous this week would be in Vermont? How a cold front would quickly move through Sunday and we'd be left with wall to wall sunshine through next weekend?
A heavy cloud Sunday evening over St. Albans, Vermont.
Clouds are hanging over Vermont this week more persistently
than first forecast.  

Well, I wish you wouldn't remember what I said.

The sun is breaking through the clouds a bit this Tuesday morning, but it's not exactly bright and blue.

Yesterday was cloudier and colder than forecasts indicated. And that prediction for sunshine Wednesday?


The blame? A pesky storm in the upper atmosphere just to our northeast that's rotating clouds from damp coastal Canada onto Vermont.

Very little, if any rain is coming out of those clouds, but they're certainly interfering with what was to have been our fine fall weather.

And those clouds are a sign of winter. It's part of the reason why November and December are so cloudy in Vermont.  Increasingly as we move through fall toward winter, old storm systems get caught in their own death spirals in the Canadian Maritimes, and send a constant stream of low, chilly clouds our way.

It's a battle between good and bad this time. We'll get some sun, some clouds through Thursday. Vermont's Northeast Kingdom will be the cloudiest, and the southern Champlain Valley will be the sunniest.

For most of us, we'll get glimpses of blue skies the next few days, and it might even get largely sunny at times. But the clouds will threaten, or cover the blue, and we'll get those somewhat chilly northwest breezes.

It's Vermont. This isn't the land of constant sunshine.

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