Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Storms Bad in U.S; In Europe, They're Even Worse

Heavy snow, ice and cold has battered the United States again this week, but as is often the case, the weather is often worse elsewhere.
This Reuters photo shows the effects of the ice
storm in Slovenia  

Take Slovenia. While an ice storm in the Ohio Valley and Mid Atlantic states cut power to hundreds of thousands and knocked down lots of trees and branches, it's been MUCH worse in Slovenia this week.

Ice is as much as six inches thick, much of the nation's electicity has been cut and at least 40 percent of its forests have been badly damaged.

Here's a video from the town of Posojna, Slovenia:

Meanwhile, the coasts of Britain, France and Spain have been battered by huge storms this week that have brought enormous coastal waves that have swept several people out to sea, caused flooding and considerable wind damage.

This continues a pattern of severe storms that have hit western Europe since late fall.  Here's a video taken from a helicopter as huge waves hit the coast of Brittany, France.

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