Monday, February 17, 2014

More Snow Than Earlier Thought Coming Tuesday To Parts of New England

Thundersnow and bursts of really heavy snow were accompanying a storm system in the Great Lakes area on Monday.
Expected snowfall Tuesday, courtesy of the National
Weather Service in South Burlington, Vermont.  

The thunder and the heavy snow are indications that the fairly compact storm moving toward the Northeast is packing more of a punch than origionally thought.

Which means more snow is going to come down in parts of New England than originally thought.

The storm is still going to do the same thing forecasters have been predicting for a couple of days now. It will head toward New York State and weaken as it transfers its energy to the New England coast.

But with more energy with the storm, there will be more snow, and it will be more widespread than some meteorologists originally thought.

The least amount of snow will be in the northern Champlain Valley of New York and Vermont, where the original storm from the Midwest will be weakest, and the area will be the most distant from the new storm forming on the coast.

So, at this point, places like Burlington, Plattsburgh and St. Albans are in for maybe 1 to 3 inches of snow.

In the southern half of Vermont, closer to the storm, look for three to five inches on Tuesday and Tuesday evening. Actually, east facing slopes in the southern Green Mountains, places like Ludlow, Mount Holly, Dover, Woodford, might be closer to six inches.

Southern New Hampshire and coastal Maine look to get the most out of this, with maybe four to eight inches.

The snow keeps coming, doesn't it?

There's still going to be thaw during the second half of the week, and northern New England will lose a little bit of its snow cover in an expected rain storm on Friday.

But starting next week, the weather pattern reverts back to one that favors cold weather, and also has at least some promise of at least some light to moderate snowfalls from time to time, going into early March.

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