Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"The Pleasant Storm of '14, As I'm Calling It, To Wind Down Wednesday Evening

Since so many outfits and media out there seem to be in the business of giving names to various storms, I might as well join the bandwagon and name the snowfall that hit Vermont Wednesday.
Cars make their way up a hill on Fairfield Hill Road
in St. Albans during Wednesday's snowstorm.  

It was "The Pleasant Storm." Not everyone agrees with me, of course, and that's cool.

Anyone who struggled along snow packed roads, slid, got stuck behind idiots who couldn't drive, missed their flight, etc. might not have had a pleasant day.

And those areas from Arkansas to New York that had an ice storm that cut power to a million or so houses and businesses didn't think it was pleasant.

But still, here in Vermont, the snow was powdery and light, perfect for winter sports.

Late this afternoon, I shoveled the slightly more than seven inches of snow off my driveway in St. Albans, Vermont. The job was not hard, given the fluffiness of the snow. No sore back for me!

It was still snowing across Vermont, New Hampshire and eastern New York as of 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The snow will slowly taper off this evening. Roads will remain kind of iffy so be careful out there.

Snow amounts will come in about as predicted, with 4-12 inches likely in most of Vermont by the time this storm ends.

The exception was far northwestern Vermont, where many towns that had been expecting three to five inches of snow out of this got more. Up to 8 inches. And maybe another inch or two to come.

After this, we've got a spell of quiet weather coming up. It will be cold through the weekend but nothing like those Arctic blasts of January.  Most days will have highs in the teens and 20s, while nighttime temperatures will be a few degrees either side of zero most nights.

There might be light snows here and there for the next week, but I don't see anything major. There's still a chance a good size storm could wind up along the coast Sunday, but it's starting to get doubtful.

We won't have a really good idea until Friday on whether anything substantial will get going toward the beginning of next week, though.  So just enjoy the snow until then and don't worry about anything

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