Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wimpy Snowfall Over, Midsize Snowfall Midweek?

It's cloudy and warm across Vermont and surrounding states as dawn breaks Sunday morning.
Before and After view of an Alps town with
last week's snow.  

That so-called storm that blew through Saturday afternoon and night was a yawner, with most places in the northern halves of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire getting an inch or so of snow, with a little more than that in the mountains.

Another storm is going to spread wintry weather today and tomorrow in a stripe from Texas to New Jersey, but that storm will completely miss the North Country.

Yet another storm will blow through at midweek. As it stands now, it looks like places up near the Canadian border might get a few inches of snow, with closer to six to eight inches more to the south.

That's all subject to change, of course, but that's the way it looks now

Still another storm (there's a lot of 'em in this weather pattern) might come along in a week with maybe more snow, but it's too soon to get excited about that.

If you really want snow, go to the Austrian Alps. They got blasted by a huge snowstorm late last week which certainly ended complaints about a thin snow cover in those areas.
Opening doors became a hazard
after an epic snowstorm last
week in the Austrian Alps.

Photos of the Alps storm are scattered through this post. They came via Twitter.

Basketball anyone?
Challenging in the Alps now.  

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