Sunday, February 9, 2014

Most, Least Pleasant Weather Spots In the United States Ranked

Over on Buzzfeed, I stumbled upon a link to a comprehensive interactive map that tells you how pleasant the weather is where you live in the United States, relative to everyone else.
What I would regard as a pleasant
day in Burlington, Vermont in April, 2012.
However, by the criteria in the "pleasant"
ranking, this day was not so nice because
the mean temperture was below 55 degrees.  

The map enumerates how many pleasant days there are per year in a given location.

The criteria is subjective, but here it is: A pleasant day is one in which the mean temperature is between 55 and 75 degrees. Pleasant days must also have a low temperatures warmer than 45 degrees and a high temperature cooler than 85 degrees

There also can't be any appreciable precipitation on a pleasant day and there can't be any snow on the ground.

The "pleasant weather" map was compiled by Kelly Norton, a designer and software engineer in Atlanta, Georgia. The data for the rankings come from NOAA Global Summary of the Day daily archive. 

For the record, the city with the most pleasant weather, at least by this criteria is Los Angeles, with 183 pleasant days per year. This is followed by San Diego (182), Oxnard, Calif (166), Simi Valley, Calif, (156) and San Francisco (153)

The place with the least pleasant weather is McAllister, Montana with 14 pleasant days per year. That's followed by a three way tie for second least pleasant between a spot northeast of Reno, Nevada, Clancy, Montana and Douglas, Wyoming, with 15 pleasant days a year.

Not surprisingly, northern Vermont, where I live, ranks low in the pleasant scale. Burlington has 37 pleasant days a year.  It's nicer where my in-laws live in Yankton, South Dakota, with 44 pleasant days.

Of course, everybody has their own criteria as to what pleasant weather is. Hell, I imagine a storm chaser thinks a day with a tornado is a pleasant day, or a skier things a blizzard is pleasant.

My idea of pleasant weather changes with the season. This time of year, in February, pleasant would be a snowy night and a sunny day, with lows near 20  and highs in the upper 20s with light winds.

In April and May, a pleasant day to me is a breezy, sunny one with highs in the low 60s. In the summer, I like it sunny, with low humidity and in the low to mid 80s.

What's your idea of the most pleasant weather you can get?

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