Saturday, February 15, 2014

A "Bomb" Of A Storm Will Rake Eastern New England, Glancing Blow In Vermont

A few snowflakes were starting to come down outside the window of my house in St. Albans, Vermont, the first harbingers of the next storm to come through.
More snow is expected in New England over the weekend.
Not much in Vermont. A lot in eastern Mass., Maine.  

I'm thinking, "Yikes! I haven't even finished digging out from the foot of snow we had yesterday."

Luckily for me, this storm is only going to be a glancing blow in northwestern Vermont and I already have plenty of snow to play in.

I don't need more snow and I'm not going to get much more. Phew!

Not so in eastern New England. This storm is going to have a lot of drama with it in that neck of the woods.

There are blizzard warnings up for extreme eastern New England, and on Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Heavy snow and strong winds will also slam the rest of the coastal New England, much of Maine and the Canadian Maritimes.

This is an atmospheric "bomb" which is what we can a storm that develops and strengthens explosively as it makes its way up the coast.

It was only just starting to develop along the North Carolina coast as of midmorning Saturday, and the radar and satellite images of the system were already really, really impressive.

It's very unusual to get two strong nor'easters along the U.S. coast within two days of each other, but we're getting it now.

This one is taking a track much more to the east of the one that dropped tons of snow and ice in the eastern United States Thursday and Friday.

So the areas from western Virginia on up into New York and western New England that got buried late in the week will only get about one to three inches of new snow out of this one.

But along the coast, Yowza! The storm will be a fast mover, so it won't have time to drop an enormous amount of snow. But it will be extremely heavy during the storm. Up to a foot of snow could fall on eastern Massachusetts and up to 18 inches in eastern Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.

Winds in the blizzard zone could gust to 60 mph. This will be a real powerhouse.

Like I said, snow amounts with this storm taper off a lot as you head west. Here in Vermont, expect a dusting to three inches, with maybe four or five inches in the southeastern corner of the state.

After a cold Sunday and Monday, (but not the extreme cold we saw sometimes in January) it looks like a thaw might set in toward the end of next week. That's a bummer for powder lovers, I know, but it won't be strong enough a thaw to melt all the snow.

It will just temporarily make it easier to use the snow to make snowmen and have snowball fights.

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