Saturday, February 8, 2014

This Weekend Might Be Best Of Season For New England Winter Sports

If you are into any northern New England winter activities outdoors, skiing, riding, snowshoeing, skating, whatever, this is likely the best weekend of the winter to do it.
Lynn Monty of the Burlington Free Press on Friday took
this beautiful photo of Mount Mansfield in Vermont
The photo helped signal the start of an almost
perfect winter sports weekend.  

Up until now, there was something "wrong" with the weather almost every weekend this winter.

There was too much ice. Or it was bitterly cold. Or there was a huge thaw. Or not much snow on the ground. Or the roads were bad.

Finally, now we're starting a "Goldilocks weekend" where it's not too hot, not too cold, snowy enough without being ridiculously blizzardy.

We got that fresh snowfall on Wednesday in much of the region, so conditions are good for just about any snow sport.

It's true the snow isn't particularly deep, but it is enough to cross country ski on. Plus, it's been cold for the past couple of weeks, so ski areas have been making snow, so the base depth is pretty good on the slopes.

The weather is cooperating, too. It'll be cold this weekend, but not extreme. High Saturday and Sunday will be in the upper teens and low 20s in the valleys, and in the single numbers on the high mountain peaks of the Adirondacks, Green Mountains and White Mountains.

Winds won't be too bad, either, especially on Sunday, when they will be relatively calm.

Some areas, especially in the mountains, got a fresh, light dusting of snow last night. I noticed there's about a half inch of new powder outside my house in St. Albans, Vermont this Saturday morning, and I'm better some mountain areas in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire picked up an inch or two.

Some sun will come out today. It'll be cloudier Sunday, with some snow showers around to freshen things up once again. It won't amount to much, maybe an inch or two in the mountains.

So it's a classic winter weekend in the North Country. Get out and enjoy it.

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