Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snowstorm Totals Pretty Much In Line With Forecasts

The National Weather Service in South Burlington put out a listing of storm totals from yesterday's snowstorm and in general, most places got six to 10 inches of snow.
Snow falling and dusting spruce trees
in my St. Albans, Vermont yard Wednesday.  

That's very much in line with predictions made ahead of the storm.

The most reported was in the northern Rutland County town of Benson, which saw 14 inches. Proctor and Tunbridge each reported 12"

Two things sort of stood out for me with this storm.

The first is, usually, there's a HUGE variability in the amount of snow from one place to another in a Vermont snowstorm. This time, totals were tightly packed between six and 10 inches statewide.

That's pretty unusual.

Secondly, the only part of Vermont where the forecast ahead of the storm was a little off was in the extreme northwest corner of the state. There, two to five inches of snow had been forecast, but more than that fell.

For instance, Swanton reported 9.5 inches and I measured a storm total of 8.2 inches at my property in St. Albans.

The snow is light and fluffy and already starting to pack down. I imagine places that had a foot of snow on the ground this morning from this storm and previous will be down to perhaps 8 inches or so within a week, unless we get a lot more snow.

No big storms are forecast, but there are some chances of light snow now and again for the next week in northern New York and northern New England.

Temperatures are also forecast to stay below freezing for several days at least, so winter sports enthusiasts have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the snow.

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