Monday, January 6, 2014

Quick January Thaw In Vermont, Flash Freeze This Afternoon

It was remarkably warm across Vermont, especially the western part of the state Monday morning as we got a quick January thaw in advance of the next Arctic blast.
My lawn in St. Albans Vermont is an icy mess of fallen branches
and sticks after what has so far been a tough winter
Ice is too slick for me to safely pick up the mess

It's really messy out there. The cold ground means back roads are a sheet of ice. The big ice storm in late December clogged up a lot of storm drains. That means rain and melting snow is collecting in streets, causing ponding and flooding.

Temperatures have gotten to 50 degrees in Burlington, 58 in Bennington and the 40s across much of the rest of Vermont.

At exactly the same time these warm temperatures were noted in Vermont, it was 31 degrees in New Orleans and 25 degrees in Atlanta.

Go figure.

We won't stay warm long. A cold front will come through any minute, with gusty winds, more showers, and a quick drop in temperatures this afternoon.

All that wetness and standing water out there will freeze, making roads treacherous again and really turning sidewalks and path and driveways into minefields for people wanting to walk across them.

I bet Vermont emergency rooms are already busy with people injured in falls on  icy sidewalks, and that will only get worse later today.

I'd hate to be an emergency room doctor today.

As I've said the cold wave gripping the country is epic, but won't be for us, aside from all that ice on the ground.

It'll get to within a few degrees of zero tonight, only into the low teens at best tomorrow, below zero in many spots Tuesday night, and remain chilly Wednesday.

But we won't have any record cold like much of the rest of the country, and the chill in Vermont won't be as bad as we had last Thursday and Friday.

It looks like the weather will calm down later in the week, with only small amounts of precipitation and temperatures at, or even a little above normal.

That will make for a nice switch, for sure.

If only we could get rid of all this ice and get some nice powdery snow instead.

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