Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The (Sled) Dog Days Of Winter?

We've all heard of the dog days of summer, that stretch when summer has been going on for awhile and we're stuck in a fairly dull pattern of warm, humid weather day after day.
My truck awaits on a -10 morning today
to see if I want to try and start it.
Should work out.  

I really think there's a winter counterpart to that, and we've entered it now. The Sled Dog Days of Winter, you might call it.

Starting yesterday, and continuing for at least the next 10 days or so, possibly well beyond that, it's going to be cold, with few prospects of major, blockbuster snowstorms in northern New England.

Like the dogs days of summer, there will be some minor day to day variations. Some days will be colder than others, and there will be small snowfalls.

For instance, this week, the coldest period will be today through Friday morning, with temperatures dropping into the teens below zero pretty consistently each night. A familiar if uncomfortable routine.

There is a snowstorm passing by to our south, which has even prompted blizzard warnings for southeastern Massachusetts tonight, but it will only drop light snow on southern Vermont, southern New Hampshire and areas south of Lake George, New York.

It might warm up, somewhat,  briefly on Saturday, but it will probably also snow a little bit. And it won't get ridiculously mild. Then it's back in the deep freeze early next week, with maybe some more chances of light snow here and there.

Also like the dogs days of summer, the current Sled Dog Days of Winter aren't all that unusual. We get cold waves, or extended periods of chilly weather every winter.

Unlike the media hype, this also isn't the Second Coming of Polar Vortex. True, said polar vortex has moved to a position in Canada that is now closer to us, hence the cold weather. However, the polar vortex, that whirlwind of atmospheric icy air that's always up north this time of year, isn't doing anything particularly unusual.

In any event, the Sled Dog Days of Winter are here for sure. Bundle up. Enjoy the cold if you can. If not, hibernate. It will end eventually.

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