Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow North and West Sat. Night; A Bigger Storm Midweek?

The weather pattern across the nation has, as advertised,  turned warmer and wetter over the past couple of days.
The National Weather Service in South Burlington
says up to 4-6 inches of snow might fall near the Canadian
border, less to the south. Click on the map to make
it bigger and easier to read.  

The first of the storms in this somewhat altered weather pattern is going to hit northern New England and northern New York Saturday night.

For most of the region, this one's going to be somewhat of a close miss.

Light mixed precipitation will come in Saturday afternoon and continue Saturday night for the southern two thirds of Vermont and New Hampshire and in New York State south of the Adirondacks.

More to the north, it looks like there might be a fairly decent snowfall. In Vermont, it looks as if about 2 to 6 inches will fall within 30 miles of the Canadian border. Northwestern New York, up toward the northern Adirondacks,  ccould get something closer to six inches.

Those of you headed up toward Montreal, watch out: The Montreal metro area looks like it might be in for a six to 10 incher with this.

My usual caveat applies, especially in situations like this when the temperature flirts with 32 degrees. The forecast could be a bust, with less snow than expected up north. Or maybe the snow will extend south more into Vermont than we're thinking now.

This is just the best guess as of Friday evening.

The weather will turn mild and quiet Sunday, a bit cooler Monday, and then we'll have to watch the next storm.

If, and that's a big if, but if current computer models are right, Most of northern New England would be in for a decent six to 12 inch snowfall right around Wednesday. Maybe even more than that, since this midweek storm is going to come loaded with tons of moisture.

The only major question seems to be a few computer models take the storm more north than the others. If that happens, we get mixed precipitation. AND if that happens, there could be quite an ice storm in parts of central New England.

We DON'T need that. A snowstorm would be fine. Ice, not so much.

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