Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Snow, Though Not Huge, Most Welcome

Some areas of Vermont got an unexpectedly heavy dose of snow Sunday.
New falling snow whitens the landscape around
my yard in St. Albans, Vermont. Last week's warmth
allowed me to clean up the fallen branches under the
willow, courtesy of the December ice storm, and now
the new snow makes things pretty again  

I use the term "heavy" with a serious grain of salt, since it wasn't exactly super deep. But some towns got three or four inches of snow, and most places got at least one or two inches.

That whitened the ground nicely and made it look like midwinter for a change, and without all that awful ice we had earlier in the winter. So things look better out there.

More snow showers and maybe a few squalls will come through tonight, which could drop another one to three inches of snow.

As advertised, we are going to get into a pretty damn cold weather pattern over the next 10 days or so. That's not conducive to a lot of snow, so if you are a snow lover, be thankful for what you've got.

Expect a week with mostly below zero nights and highs struggling to get into the single numbers.

We'll probably get a brief break in the cold next weekend, along with a little snow, but not much. Then, we get another nasty cold snap for the following week.

So the way things are going, this winter will be noted for its bipolar temperatures, running hot and cold, but it won't be remember as a particularly snowy one, unless things really change in February.

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