Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Break From Winter, And Amusing Video For Those Who Don't Like The Season

The first few days of January in Vermont were extremely cold, running close to 30 degrees below normal.
 A winter reversal: Snow melts amid rain, fog and warmth
in my St. Albans yard Tuesday. The bright side:
Much of the ice from the December ice storm is gone. The
negative side: Not great for winter sports.  

It almost seemed as if we were setting the stage for one of the coldest Januaries on record.

Not so fast.

As pretty much everyone has noticed, it's been incredibly warm the past few days in Vermont and surrounding states.

In Burlington, as of Monday, the warm weather had cancelled the early cold, and the average temperature so far in January was running right around normal.

Milder than average weather until the weekend will put us above normal for the month, at least temporarily.  There's no telling how warm or cold the later half of the month will turn out.

But it will inevitably turn colder. That's good news for the winter sports enthusiasts, and winter sports resorts, that have been suffering through the warm weather, the lack of snow and the lingering ice.

However, some people are no fans of winter, and would be happy if it stayed warm. To that crowd, I offer this video, so you can suffer through the pain of winter just like the people in this video compilation:

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