Sunday, January 5, 2014

While U.S. Shivers, Britain Awash In Epic Storms

Britain and much of the rest of Europe has been getting severely battered by huge storms since early December, causing widespread damage and repeated flooding.
Huge waves batter Wales this weekend.  

It's actually gotten worse there in recent days as a parade of intense storms have slammed into Britain from the Atlantic.

The storm that caused the blizzardy weather along the U.S. East Coast late last week is now arriving in Britain as a particularly intense storm.

There has been major river flooding, and the coastlines have been battered and flooded by repeated storm surges more so than anyone can remember.

Check out this link to the Daily Mail for a good pictoral, video and text overview of the ongoing disaster in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Some dramatic video has surfaced, too.

Here's a cliff collapsing because of heavy rain and wave battering in Sussex, England. Glad nobody was under the cliff when it gave way:

And here are some waves slamming Newquay Beach in the UK:

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