Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tornadoes, Severe Weather, Floods Continue To Slam Much Of Nation

A fire station in Carrollton, Georgia lost its roof in a
tornado Monday. You can see a brief video of the roof
flying off at the bottom of this post. Photo from
Channel 2 Action News
Yesterday was another busy day in the nation's severe weather department, just as it was over the weekend and just as it will be in the next couple of days.

The worst of it yesterday was in Georgia, where there were 24 preliminary reports of tornadoes and widespread damage.

The storm system that spawned those tornadoes is what's giving much of New England a cold rain today, and Maine yet another winter storm. 

We're moving into the heart of the United States tornado season now, and we'll have plenty of dangerous weather in various parts of the nation during the severe weather season peak, now througn May and into June.

There's a bit of a lull in the action today between storms, though severe storms, hail and a few tornadoes could fire up later today in Oklahoma, Arkansas and parts of the Deep South. 

A very strong storm will ramp up the severe weather again on Wednesday with another widespread outbreak.

Once again, Georgia seems to be most at risk for tornadoes Wednesday, but a large area across the Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys, and most of the Southeast are also under the gun.

The storm will create a risk of severe weather  in the Mid-Atlantic states Thursday. Up here in the Northeast, we won't have much in the way of severe weather, but count on a bunch of rain, a flooding risk and strong, gusty winds here in Vermont and the rest of New England Thursday and Friday from this thing.

Below are some videos:

Here's security camera video of a narrow but intense tornado flipping a car at a Lafayette, Louisiana car repair shop:

Here's a very brief view of a tornado tearing the roof off a fire station:

And, Ooops! A tornado uncovered a pot growing operation in a state where growing pot is illegal. Watch:

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