Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Southeast Texas Floods Tuesday Also Brought A Gator Hazard

A huge, menacing alligator parked himself on this
Houston area street this morning after flash flooding
got the guy to move into areas populated by humans. 
Slow moving thunderstorms this morning dropped up to ten inches of rain on parts of southeastern Texas near Houston.

That kind of rain occasionally hits that part of the country, and as usual, the resulting flash floods damaged some homes and businesses and blocked quite a few roads.  

You never get a simple flood in southeastern Texas like that though. You always get another big complication.

This morning, it was alligators. It's mating season and male gators are looking for mates. The floodwaters disrupted their search for love, so they ended up in places like roads, driveways and people's front porches, notes Weather Underground. 

One large gator parked himself on the front stoop of a home occupied by two women.

Surprise! The two women in the house were not terribly enthusiastic about leaving their home until animal control officers arrived and took the gator away.

And you thought mopping up a wet basement after a flood was a chore!

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