Monday, April 17, 2017

More April Showers In The Offing As Quiet Weather Continues

Sun, bursts of warmth and frequent showers over the past
 week has made my St. Albans, Vermont perennial gardens start
showing signs of life this week. 
Weather fans got a little bit of everything Sunday up here in Vermont: Warm sunshine, some gusty showers and thunderstorms, humidity, cool breezes, sunshine and dark clouds.

Typical April, really, except for the warmth. It got up to 80 degrees in Burlington, Vermont Sunday, the third time this month that's happened. This when normal highs are in the 50s.

No more 80 degree weather is in the forecast, but more showers are. Just not right away.

As you noticed, it's a LOT cooler today. Nothing extraordinary, but definitely jacket weather. Expect frost tonight. Don't worry, it won't get cold enough to nip the chill-resistant early spring perennials that have popped up.

Expect a nice day Tuesday afternoon, with seasonable temperatures and highs in the 50s.

Then we get into a series of weather disturbances that bring us a strong risk of showers Wednesday through Friday. Again, this is all pretty typical for April.

For a rare week, at least, there's not a lot of wild weather to talk about at the moment. I guess we were all ready for a breather.

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